November 27, 2014

Do Not Linger On

I feel that defeating voice
that doubt
creeping up on my joy

Now I know
Nothing is stopping me
from my dreams
but myself

November 1, 2014

Soda at the Bar

His laughter when I enter the dining hall is boistrous.
He calls my name when he sees me.
Weaving through the maze of chairs, I'm smiling when we meet.
Unburdening myself of jacket, bags, and the gift pressed into his chest.
Whisper "Happy Birthday" up to his close smiling face.
She slides me my drink, a scratch Ginger Ale,
and he winks at me over his beer.
I want to feel at home here, with these people and in this place.
But I feel intrusive and out of my skin, though masked with the celebratory smile for
my distinguished friend.
Friend. No. Not really.
I smile. I nod. I say 'oh yes' and 'that's interesting'.
So I sip my soda until its time to leave.
The ice touching lips that he wants.
I've lost the taste for soda now.

September 23, 2014

Never Say Goodbye

He asked for my promises,
that I was okay
I was
Until he kissed me 
where I felt my chest tighten
until I let out a breath
The wind picked up
and I knew he was 

September 2, 2014


We talk 
while, below us,
the lake shivers in her steel gray dress

April 29, 2014


I lie in the middle of the bed, 
listening to the storm outside. 
The hushed murmur of blowing snow, swirling at midnight.
 The bluish white light covers the walls 
and there is no moon in sight. 
Too much snow that comes in heavy  like ocean waves again. 
Boughs of tress bent heavy with snow, 
still bending and creaking furiously in the wind.
A clean and white coldness outside.
The stark outline of dark, bare trees.
Streetlamps forcing light through the gloom,
shadows of the laced, winter webbing
 crocheted pattern of trees.

April 28, 2014


I love when I come in from the cold
cheeks rosy and hair windswept
and you meet me in an embrace
There is a safeness in your arms
a tenderness
a warmth
that stays with me
when I head back out into the cold

February 3, 2014

Complimentary Perceptions

but unsure
suddenly her hand on his chest
The catch in her throat
when he reacts
in slow motion affections
and she can't stop
from sighing